RF Fabricators | 25yrs of Safety, Durability and Excellence.

The Long Lasting Pre-Engineered Structures.

We offer services from Design, Production, Planning, Control to Erection of  the most durable prefabricated Industrial sheds, building, mezzanine etc. in the industry.  


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About Us

25 years of Ever Lasting Pre-fabricated engineering structures

To serve you top-notch services we not only deliver you products or services, but the experience and innovation. And we understand everyone’s needs are different in this fast paced supply chain era. We are standing strong with you like our Industrial Sheds, Pre-fabricated structure etc.


Pre-Frabrication and Industrial sheds are Engineering Marvel

  • Lite-weight and Strong.
  • All weather.
  • Cheap and can be crafted on-site and offsite.


Only best-in-class quality served always.

Design of Industrial Structure.

Do you know designing defines durability. We design and engineer long lasting highly stress bearable Industrial sheds.

Production,Planning & Control

We have both On-site and off-site production, planning and control facility of international standards.

Erections of Pre-Fabricated Structures

Erecting Pre-fabricated structure on site with all guidelines ensure long life cycle structures.

Happy Client

At the end of the day, you only matter the most.

"RH fabricators are most trustable partner to work with."
Rahul Singh
New Delhi
"They make rough and tough all weather Industrial Sheds"
Brinder Sahota

Helping industries to build All Weather Extra Durable Pre Fabricated Structures and Industrial Sheds.

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